¿Por la Mañana o Por la Noche?

Por la mañana Por la noche Por la mañana y por la noche
Me afeito la cara
Me arreglo el pelo
Me cepillo los dientes
Me desayuno
Me ducho
Me lavo la cara
Me pongo el desodorante
Me seco el pelo

Reflexive Verb Pron

Digital Citizenship

I can’t drive just yet, so I’m not a part of the 48% of teens who say they’ve been in a crash due to texting and driving. I am a big texter, although I don’t know the exact amount I’m sure it’s a part of the statistics of teens that say over 100 a day. I used to be big on social media, keeping everyone up-to-date, but I’ve found in recent years that there is no reason for it. I simply don’t have the time for it. I know that things aren’t safe online so I usually keep to myself when it comes to giving out my information. I know, not everything is bad about the internet. You can connect with friends and family, complete assignments, play with entertainment, and much more. Knowing now that anyone can see my information simply by looking at my digital footprint, helps me realize that I need to keep a positive look of myself. I would love to go to a big four year university, so anything that would help get me there is worth taking advantage of. I know that by me keeping a positive view of myself online, I would have a better chance of getting what I desire. After learning about cyber bullying, I know to not have these things happen, or ways to prevent these occurrences from happening. I also know now that if you make the choice to cyber bully, that criminal charges could be pressed.

My Intro to Sophomore Year

Already, this year is shaping up to be a good one. I’ve made new friends, trained for my athletics events, and gotten some “welcoming” grades to help prepare me for the next four weeks. I’ve learned so much this first week of school and I’m really excited to see what it will hold. The band is going to be great, we’ve worked really hard. English will be very amusing since I have many friends in that class with me. Spanish may be a little difficult since I haven’t remembered much material, but I’m going to be jumping back on the learning curb next Tuesday. I’m sure that for World History, we’ll have to be learning at a very quick pace since we’re covering such a large time span. Biology will be a very interesting class for sure, but BIM I believe will be my favorite. I love the use of technology and being able to use technology to your own advantage. Finally, pre AP Geometry will be a blast.